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    Easily have a home close to the islands's majestic scenery.

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    Freedom of Choice

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Kefalonitika Spitia LTD

Fully equipped houses to meet your needs. We deliver at your Plot.


Welcome to the website of the Kefalonitika Spitia LTD
eco - accomodation Kefalonia LTD

Taking into consideration the ever increasing challenges of the current era, our company disposes a wide range of eco construction aiming at improving everyday life’s level as well as its customers’ complete satisfaction.

We hope that on browsing our website you will be able to get a more complete idea as for what wood and wooden eco houses mean. We will be happy to serve you in our office and help you with the choice of your house.

ISO 9001 2015

Great Features of Wooden Eco Houses

Low costs. No compromises.



The construction of the Wooden Eco Houses is not affected by the weather conditions and their structuring amounts to 3 months..



The wood as construction material is highly insulating, prevents the resistance of heat flow which is 200 times greater than steel and 10 times greater than concrete.


Protection and Insulation

The wood is an elastic material which provides resistance in case of earthquakes, with particular strengths thus ensuring protection from fire and decay, providing a good thermal and sound insulation.



The Wooden Structures are guaranteed for 50 years and the lifespan of the Wooden Eco houses amounts to over100 years.



It comes to Eco constructions, since the raw material is fully renewable and they constitute a healthy environment of inhabitation.

low cost

Low Cost

The cost of the Town Planning Permission and stamps is very low if compared with the other means of structuring.


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About Us

Our Company Kefalonitika Spitia LTD is a technical Construction Company which is active in the area of wooden and eco constructions, providing:

  • Sound and place sound economic-technical projects
  • Compliance with the standards, economic and time terms
  • Quality of Construction


District street Dorizata - Argostoli
Kefalonia, GR 28100


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Working hours

Monday through Friday
09:00 - 14:00

Time is precious
Your house is precious

Tel.: (+30) 26711 02795
Mobile: (+30) 6930 80 9082

Kefalonitika Spitia LTD